Spiral Pattern Fondant Roller B

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Spiral Pattern Fondant Roller B

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Spiral Pattern Fondant Roller B

Rolling with the creativity:
Cakes, tarts and baked goods will become real eye-catchers with this trendy baking utensil. This structured rolling pin will let you create patterns on dough, icing, marzipan and even fondant – very simple and effective for the most unusual baking results.

Beautiful embossed effects for cakes, tarts and baked goods:
To get the most even results, simply take a plain rolling pin and roll out the icing or dough onto a lightly floured or sugared surface. Then all you have to do is roll over it again with the pattern Rolling Pin – this creates the most beautiful and even motifs for decorating cakes, tarts or home-made baked goods. The versatile rolling pin is not just great for baking: Modelling clay can also me modelled and imprinted with them.

  • An embossed rolling pin
  • Can also be used with non edible craft clays
  • Versatile print area
  • Safe for children to use
  • Great for fondants, icing, petal and marzipan decoration
  • Size 25 cm x 5 cm



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